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What is Kharon?

An escape from Hardware Hell

Can you imagine a world where every time you wanted to connect to a server, you had to write your own IP protocol? It would be a huge hassle for the developers, there would be an enormous chance that you might never be able to connect, and the system would have inefficiencies and vulnerabilities galore. It would be a veritable Hell.

And yet, that's what most hackers and devs accept when they engage in hardware and IoT development. They're programming across platforms, with few or little standards and plenty of scope for error. We fix that problem by taking care of hardware communication for you, simplifying your whole code base to python, and introducing a ton of efficiencies along the way.

So in a technical sense, Kharon is batteries-included Hardware/IoT Development framework for python. But really, Kharon is simplicity.

Why Should I Use It?

There's a Cost to Chaos

By the end of 2018, the global IoT market will be worth $1.4 Trillion. These devices will be embedded in our homes, our cars, and our way of life. The market for hardware based technology in general will be even larger. So when that technology messes up, the impact will be equally large. In order to prevent such problems, we need systems that minimize points of failure. As such, simplifying technologies like Kharon can save money and lives.

But the benefits are even more obvious if you are a developer. By abstracting away the hardest part of hardware programming, your life becomes that much easier. After all, Kharon's made by devs, for devs. As a result it's intuitive and makes it easy to teach newer programmers IoT too!

The point of Kharon is simplicity.

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How Does it Work?

Written in Python, compiled to C, powered by Souls

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What's with the Name?

From the pythonic land of the living to the dead C

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