What's with the Name?
From the pythonic land of the living to the dead C

Who was Kharon?

An escape to Ancient Greece and Modernity

In Greek mythology, Kharon paddles across the river styx carrying the recently deceased from the earth to the afterlife. He is a bridge between worlds -- and the Kharon project aims to be a bridge that is equally fundamental.

The first way we aim to do that is in terms of technology. Python is obviously a younger language than C, and one that more people are increasingly familiar with. By creating Kharon we are creating a bridge between those two worlds and allow software engineers to use the languages more familiar with them. There is even a literal sense in which python is dynamic and living and C is static and dead: typing. Much of the technical challenge in converting between the two languages comes from this and other syntactic and logical distinctions -- another gap we are bridging. And those are the original reasons we chose to name this project Project Kharon.

As we delved further into the project however, we figured we were uniting a lot more than just technical phenomenon. IoT itself is the interface of two very different worlds: one of information, where mistakes are often regretable but not incorrigible; and the one of steel, flesh, and bone, where mistakes can be uncorrectable and fatal. By making sure there are less points of failure in the digital systems behind hardware, we are connecting those worlds too.

But that still is not the most fundamental in the philosophy behind our framework. If we look at the purpsoe of Kharon in greek philsophy, it's making heroes: from hercules to dante, he's connected them all. To us, that's the greatest bridge we can make. It's often difficult for disadvantaged students of computer science to learn more than one language, especially when they are starting out. This means that don't have the same access to resources or the same opportunity to unleash their creativity. By making it so that students of computer science and hackers of all ages only need to know one language to get into IoT hacking -- one of the major forces shifting our society -- we are also helping bridging the gap in opportunity.

Kharon, after all, is a bridge between worlds.